How rich is Zhang Zhidong?


How rich is Zhang Zhidong?

Zhang Zhidong Net Worth:
$5.2 Billion

Zhang Zhidong Net Worth:

Zhang Zhidong was an eminent Chinese politician during the late Qing dynasty who advocated controlled reform. Along with Zeng Guofan, Li Hongzhang and Zuo Zongtang, he was one of the "Four Famous Officials of the Late Qing". He served as the Governor of Shanxi, the Viceroy o...
Birth date: September 4, 1837, Nanpi County
Death date: October 5, 1909, Beijing, China
Profession: Politician
Education: Shenzhen UniversitySouth China University of Technology
Nationality: Chinese
Children: Zhang Yanqing
Books: China's Only Hope

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