How rich is Young Dro?


How rich is Young Dro?

Young Dro Net Worth:

Young Dro Net Worth:

Bankhead Court is an ill-famed housing project in Atlanta. He had a rough start in life. He could be the second eldest of his mom’s five sons. His dad had 21 kids and Dro was someplace amongst the center seven. Considering the successful rapper he’s now, it’s astonishing that Dro failed to even consider music as a profession in his younger days. It was just after his pal Chris Daddy Mack Smith scored platinum success that Dro dreamed of a becoming a rapper. It was in the early 1990s. Dro’s independent hit single Yes Sir and the regional success record I Got That Dro set the city on fire. From then on there was no turning back for him. His debut single Shoulder Lean (2006) functioned as the lead single in the record. High Times, his second studio album released in 2013. In 1988 Dro was intending to wed his girlfriend Fantasia Barrino, the R&B singer and Broadway performer. It dawned on Fantasia that she was too busy loving her relationship and blowing off her career. It made her stop the two-year relationship and focused on returning to the limelight. Seems as though Dro is still smitten by Barrino, he says he’ll be her friend forever. Dro proposed they get together as a threesome and told Gizelle who was his girlfriend to encourage her friend, a daughter, to join them. He dismissed Gizelle and got going with her buddy and as things do occur, he threw out Gizelle. Tamika is the mom of Dro’s daughter. He and Tamika are divorced. He’s spoken about his battles with Tamika and how it inspired him to make strike FDB. He accused Tamika of keeping his kid away from him and exposing the kid to homosexual life. Tamika is in a relationship with another female. Nevertheless, Tamika had come out firmly to clear the air. She says the hit FDB is the most blatantly disrespectful tune that has become the babymomma anthem since its release. It’s 2 years since he found his daughter, not because she will not enable him to see her, but it’s only because he will not make the attempt to stay in contact with his daughter. Dro has confessed to abusing Kush and Molly. Dro uses drugs and had gone to rehabilitation but failed to finish his term there.

Birth date: January 15, 1979
Birth place: Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Profession: Musician, Songwriter, Record producer, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Awards: BET Hip Hop Award for Ringtone of the Year
Record labels: Grand Hustle Records, Atlantic Records, E1 Music
Nominations: BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collabo, Duo or Group, BET Award for Best Collaboration, BET Hip Hop Award for Best Dance, FDB, We In Da City, Shoulder Lean
Movies: All Access: DVD Magazine: Vol. 13, Rap Hustlin': Grind or Die
Source: Wikipedia

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