How rich is Ximena Navarrete?


How rich is Ximena Navarrete?

Ximena Navarrete Net Worth:
$5 Million

Ximena Navarrete Net Worth:

Ximena Navarrete Net Worth $5 Million

Standing out like the blue horizon in the light of the fashion industry is among the very respected yet hottest attractiveness of the existing modeling and acting business, Ximena Navarrete is one beloved and well-known model-com-celebrity.

Produced on 22th of February in the center of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Xzibit was said to possess been really mischievous during her childhood days and couldn’t quit her performances that comprised showing off her amazing performing as well as her curves each time. She still peeps back to recall her amazing carefree days as all her sisters were understood to be fond of modeling. As to her, her adoring parents and her supporting sibs were the sole bases to her profession and without their love and support she’d not be standing where she stands now. Navarrete continues to be in the hearts of the trend and model lovers both from as well as outside her state for a few time now now and still will not neglect to impress her assistants and believers and now with her recent performance in the acting company, Xzibit really has showcased special abilities that require to be successful model-com-celebrity.

Her ever-known well-known triump, Miss Universe as being called a fearless girl in the model company is still the acclaimed gold touch of her profession as she became understood asone furious model in her batch to visit extremes for which she was honored by many to that place of one “Fearless however Lovely Woman”. Ximena Navarrete’s net worth is $5 million and it’s been understood that she’s topped the record of the best paid models in the fashion industry and that too in the age of 27.

Birth date: February 22, 1988
Birth place: Guadalajara, Mexico
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Profession: Model
Education: New York Film Academy
Nationality: Mexican
Parents: Gabriela Rosete Riestra, Carlos Navarrete
Siblings: Mariana Navarrete Rosete
Nominations: TVyNovelas Awards
TV shows: La Tempestad

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