How rich is William Hung?


How rich is William Hung?

William Hung Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

William Hung Net Worth:

William Hung Net Worth $1.5 Million

Hung was a civil engineering student at US Berkeley. After his energetic audition to be the following American Idol accidentally gained the support of numerous enthusiasts, Hung voluntarily left school to continue a music career. He became popular enough to perform on many popular shows, as well as secured a record contract with Koch Entertainment in 2004, releasing three records on the label.

William Hung moved to New Jersey in 1983 and graduated from high school in La. His recording career was marked by persistent negative critical reaction, and his popularity became the topic of much controversy as both he and his supporters were accused of encouraging and supporting racial stereotypes against Asians, as he was perceived to lack musical ability and be observed just for embodying these stereotypes. Despite the criticism as well as the significance of his success, he just revealed indications of totally enjoying his celebrity, considering he was living his fantasy. He brought his own vocation as a musician to an end when in 2011 he taken a job opportunity as a specialized offense analyzer, and made a decision to pursue law enforcement as an alternative to music. He’s appeared in advertisements for the Game Show Network, Cingular Wireless, and He appeared in the 2004 movie Where’s Mama’s Boy. His first record Inspiration sold 200,000 copies in the U.S. and was #1 on the U.S. Indie graphs. Hung’s second record just charted 7,000 copies. Hung retired from music in 2011 and became a specialized offense analyzer.

Birth date: January 13, 1983
Death date: December 22, 1980, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Birth place: Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Singer, Civil engineer, Actor
Education: John H. Francis Polytechnic High School, University of California, Berkeley, California State University, Northridge, She Bangs, I Believe I Can Fly, Can You Feel The Love
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jian Teng (m. 2014)

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