How rich is Wilfrido Vargas?


How rich is Wilfrido Vargas?

Wilfrido Vargas Net Worth:
$2 Million

Wilfrido Vargas Net Worth:

Wilfrido Radamés Vargas Martínez (Spanish pronunciation: [wilˈfɾiðo ˈβaɾɣas]; born April 24, 1949 in Altamira, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) is a bandleader, trumpeter, vocalist, arranger, composer and producer who was instrumental in making the merengue style a worldwide phenomena.He was surrounded by musical influences; namely, his father Ramón, an accordionist and guitarist, and his mother Bienvenida, a flute player and guitarist. Vargas began his musical studies early, attending the Municipal Academy of Music beginning at age 10.He has been a trumpeter and a vocalist, but has also arranged, composed, and led his band, and is also a producer.
Birth date: April 24, 1949
Birth place: Altamira, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Actor
Spouse: Adelina Vargas
Children: Alina Vargas
Parents: Bienvenida Martínez, Ramón Vargas, El Baile del Perrito, El Jardinero, El Africano
TV shows: El Factor X
Albums: El Baile, 25 Aniversario, Los años dorados

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