How rich is Weird Al Yankovic?


Weird Al Yankovic Net Worth $16 Million

His dad proved to be a native of Kansas City, Kansas, with Yugoslavian roots and his mom an Italian/English girl from Kentucky who met in California after Nick Yankovic returned from military service during the Second World War. Weird Al, their only child, was created in Downey, California, in 1959. Much of his success is in life he credits to his dad who told him the best technique for success in life was to do what made you happy. Weird Al started his musical studies at six years old when a door to door salesman offering guitar and accordion lessons sold his products to Yankovic’s parents. Though he’s not directly associated with the well-known accordion musician Frankie Yankovic, his parents picked for accordion lessons rather than guitar.

Weird Al Yankovic was a studious and self-conscious student, earning his position as valedictorian of his high school class and after that going to college to study architecture. While at California Polytechnic State University, he’d show on the university’s radio station. When listeners dubbed him Weird Al, Yankovic made a decision to choose the name as his stage name and run with it. Despite his internal shyness, Yankovic’s love of performance maintained itself early. His first brush with fame came at only 16, when he given radio personality Dr. Demento a badly-recorded cassette of “Belvedere Cruisin,” a parody tune written about his family’s auto. He recorded his parody of The Knack’s tune “My Sharona” and sent the tape once more to Dr. Demento. “My Bologna” got great buff reaction and when Yankovic introduced himself to the group following a show, they helped him get a record contract for the tune. A lot of the recording artists that Yankovic spoofed reveled in his work, even going to date as to provide him with exactly the same sets as the first music videos.

Most recently, Yankovic has garnered much love from writers around the globe along with his latest release “Word Crimes,” a kind of grown up version of Schoolhouse Rock, appealing to most of the grammarians out there. Yankovic himself has turned out to be rather skillful in the written word along with the sung one, composing and staring in the movie “UHF” and staying fresh long subsequent to the pop stars he parodied have left the scene. His gains are small in comparison, but $16 million for laughs is not half bad.

Just how much is $16 million? More than enough to locate his own “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Yankovic magnificently wrongly believed he’d Coolio’s approval for the parody, “Amish Paradise,” only to later learn the rapper was upset by the Yankovic release. Whatever the dispute, Yankovic has a lot of cash for any heaven he selects.