How rich is Wally Amos?


How rich is Jr. Wallace Amos?

Jr. Wallace Amos Net Worth:
$20 Million

Jr. Wallace Amos Net Worth:

Wallace "Wally" Amos, Jr. (born July 1, 1936) is an American TV personality, entrepreneur and author from Tallahassee, Florida. He is the founder of the "Famous Amos" chocolate chip cookie brand. He also was the host of the adult reading program, Learn To Read. He later co-founded Uncle Wally's muffins. He currently resides in Kailua, Hawaii and also Long Island, New York, where he runs the Chip & Cookie gourmet cookie brand and stores.
Birth date: July 1, 1936
Birth place: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Height:6' 1" (1.85 m)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American
Spouse: Christine Harris-Amos
Children: Shawn Amos, Sarah Amos
Source: Wikipedia

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