How rich is Vladimir Potanin?


How rich is Vladimir Potanin?

Vladimir Potanin Net Worth:
$12 Billion

Vladimir Potanin Net Worth:

Vladimir Olegovich Potanin (Владимир Олегович Потанин in Russian; born 3 January 1961) is a Russian billionaire entrepreneur and oligarch. He acquired his wealth notably through the controversial loans-for-shares program in Russia. He is one of the wealthiest men in Russia, with an estimated net worth of $12.7 billion (Forbes 2014). His long-term business partner was Mikhail Prokhorov until they decided to split in 2008. Subsequently, they put their mutual assets in a holding company, Folletina Trading, until their asset division was agreed upon.
Birth date: January 3, 1961
Birth place: Moscow, Russia
Profession: Businessperson
Education: Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Nationality: Russia
Spouse: Natalia Potanina (m. 1983–2014), Ekaterina Potanina
Children: Vasily Potanin, Anastasiya Potanina, Ivan Potanin
Parents: Tamara Potanina, Oleg Potanin
Siblings: Yaroslav Potanin

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