How rich is Vasyl Zinkevych?


How rich is Vasyl Zinkevych?

Vasyl Zinkevych Net Worth:
$20 Million

Vasyl Zinkevych Net Worth:

Vasyl Zinkevych (born May 1, 1945) is a Soviet and Ukrainian singer, actor. He was appointed a People's Artist of Ukraine in 1995, received the Ukrainian State Prize in 1994 and became a Hero of Ukraine in 2009.
Birth date: May 1, 1945
Birth place: Khmelnytskyi Oblast
Profession: Actor, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Dancer
Nationality: Ukraine
Children: Basil Zinkevych, Bogdan Zinkevych
Parents: Ivan Zinkevych, Hanna Zinkevych
Siblings: Mariia Zinkevych, Kateryna Zinkevych
Awards: Shevchenko National Prize in Concert-Performing Art and Spoken Word
Movies: Chervona Ruta

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