How rich is Tyler Harcott?


How rich is Tyler Harcott?

Tyler Harcott Net Worth:
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Tyler Harcott is an actor and television host. He was born in Alberta, Canada. He was raised in Calgary. He began his career as a radio jockey in Alberta. After that he travelled to Hong Kong. He began his television career there with Star TV where he hosted 3 shows. During that time, traveling became Tylers fire and travelled to India, Dubai and Indonesia. Tyler was required to compose and produce the show. He’s not only a television host, but also a gifted performer and a producer. He could be famous for his films. He was nominated as the well-known star in America for his performance in the Scarheap Challenge in 1998 He also made brief appearances in TV Shows like Honey and I shrunk the children. He’s lots of followers on Facebook and twitter because of his magnetic style. He’s a height of 6.4″ and is nicely preserved physique shrewd. He could be also well-known of possessing another fashion of hosting. Owing to demand, he’s given shirtless scenes in films. He’s won many awards for his TV shows. He could be quite ambitious and holds a vision of going far in life. He could be said to have an excellent disposition and is quite mild natured man. His wife is an extremely good looking HGTV host and interior designer. You can find reports which says that Tyler left his girlfriend for her. After their union was taken over by various private problems and the couple went on for a divorce. They’ve a daughter BebelleHarcott (produced in 2008) who’s seven years of age. Harcott once said that his daughter is his oxygen. After the divorce, the custody of the daughter was given to his ex wife Genevieve Gorder. There happen to be baseless rumors in between, about the inclination of Tyler. There have already been rumors that Tyler is homosexual but his relationship with Genevieve shown that all the gossips were baseless. It’s said in various sources that Tyler has a net worth of around millions. There’s no exact information, but it’s said to have grown in 2014. He’s now dating the actress Heather Graham. There’s almost no info about Tylers private life on the websites. Yet he’s quite energetic on social networking web sites.

Spouse: Genevieve Gorder
Source: Wikipedia

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