How rich is Trish Regan?


How rich is Trish Regan?

Trish Regan Net Worth:
$10 Million

Trish Regan Net Worth:

She was born in New Hampshire and graduated from the Columbia University Ever. Her net worth is $10 million. She’s been a contestant for Miss America from her home State New Hampshire. Her favorite novel is Atlas Shrugged. She also can speak Spanish and Italian; Regan won the musical Organizations contest when she was in high school. She joined CNBC as a correspondent and began with CBS evening news. Her prime focus at CBS was the U.S market. She studied classical singing in Austria. She worked widely on the terror network between the South American area and Islamic terrorist groups. Additionally, she’s the recipient of the Bernard Wayne Award. Regan anchors the special primetime version for Bloomberg TV and has helped the 2012 coverage for the Presidential Nominee. She’s anchored significant documentaries on the U.S banks fall and the debt crisis in Europe. She appeared in the well-known T.V show Weekend Today Show. Regan is also the host and originator of the most well-known documentaries on the station. In the year 2007 to 2011, she hosted the well-known program on CNBC called “The Call”. She’s covered some economical reports on international stage like downturn of 2009. When she was working with CNBC, she gave an extensive coverage about the clandestine cannabis business in the U.S and this became quite well-known and most viewed. She’s also reported Brazils challenges and economical boom. She reported about the connection between piracy and terrorist organizations from Paraguay in South America. This area is renowned for being quite dangerous. She’s now working at Bloomberg and can be seen on the show Street Smart. Trish is wed to an investment banker James A. Ben and has three kids with him. She needed to become an opera singer and had no plans to have a profession in news or finance. She’d twin daughters Alexandra and Elizabeth in December 2009. She says that motherhood provides pause to the high risk occupation in Medellin. She says that at the end of the day, is about reporting an excellent storyline.

Birth date: December 13, 1972
Birth place: Hampton, New Hampshire, United States
Profession: Television host
Education: Columbia University (2000), Phillips Exeter Academy
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: James A. Ben (m. 2001)
Children: Elizabeth Ben, Jamie Ben, Alexandra Ben
Nominations: News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast
Movies: , The Call, CBS Evening News, The Street
TV shows: The Call, CBS Evening News
Source: Wikipedia

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