How rich is Travis Porter?


How rich is Travis Porter?

Travis Porter Net Worth:
$2 Million

Travis Porter Net Worth:

Travis Porter is an American hip hop group from Decatur, Georgia. Ali and Quez are step brothers; the two met Strap while attending the same middle school. The three grew up together and in 2006 began exploring music. The group's biggest hits are "Aww Yea", "Go Shorty Go", "...
Birth date: 2006
Birth place: Decatur, Georgia
Profession: Musical hip hop group
Nationality: American
Partner: Lakeem “Ali” Mattox, Donquez “Quez” Woods, Harold “Strap” Duncan
Record labels: Jive Records, Def Jam Recordings, RCA Records, Arista Records, J Records, Porter House Music
Nominations: Top Rap Albums (Billboard 200), Top Heatseekers Songs (Billboard Hot 100)
Movies: "Proud to be a Problem" (2010), "Red Rock" (2012)

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