How rich is Toru Iwatani?


How rich is Toru Iwatani?

Toru Iwatani Net Worth:
$10 Million

Toru Iwatani Net Worth:

Toru Iwatani (?? ?, Iwatani T?ru, born January 25, 1955) is a former Japanese video game designer and creator of the arcade game Pac-Man.
Birth date: January 25, 1955
Birth place: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
Profession: Miscellaneous Crew, Director, Actor
Nationality: Japanese
Awards: Guinness World Records for Pac-Man (2010)
TV shows: Video games: Pakku-Man (Puck-Man), Pole Position (1982), Gee Bee (1978), Libble Rabble (1983), Pac-Mania (1987), Pac-Man Championship Edition (2007)
Source: Wikipedia

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