How rich is Tommy Chong?


How rich is Tommy Chong?

Tommy Chong Net Worth:
$8 Million

Tommy Chong Net Worth:

Thomas B. Kin "Tommy" Chong (born May 24, 1938) is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, activist, and musician. He is well known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin, as well as playing the character Leo on Fox's That '70s Show. He became a naturalized United States citizen in the late 1980s.
Birth date: May 24, 1938
Birth place: Edmonton, Canada
Height:1.85 m
Profession: Actor, Musician, Screenwriter, Comedian, Film director, Television producer
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Shelby Chong (m. 1975), Maxine Sneed (m. 1960–1970)
Children: Rae Dawn Chong, Robbi Chong, Marcus Chong, Precious Chong, Paris Chong, Gilbran Chong
Parents: Lorna Jean Gilchrist, Stanley Chong
Music groups: Cheech & Chong (1970 – 1986), Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers
Nominations: Best Comedy Album Grammy Awards
TV shows: “That `70s Show”, “Cheech & Chong”

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