How rich is Tom Monaghan?


How rich is Thomas Stephen Monaghan?

Thomas Stephen Monaghan Net Worth:
$500 Million

Thomas Stephen Monaghan Net Worth:

Giuseppe De'Longhi (born 24 April 1939) is an Italian billionaire businessman, president of De'Longhi.
Birth date: March 25, 1937
Birth place: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Profession: Businessman, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist
Education: University of Michigan
Nationality: American
Spouse: Marjorie Zybach (m.1962-)
Children: Margaret, Susan, Mary, Barbara
Siblings: James Monaghan
Awards: Ave Maria Mutual Funds, Ave Maria University, Florida, Ave Maria College, Spiritus Sanctus Academies
Record labels: Domino's Pizza
TV shows: Great Leaders (TV Series 2001– )
Source: Wikipedia

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