How rich is Thomas Dekker?


How rich is Thomas Alexander Dekker?

Thomas Alexander Dekker Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Thomas Alexander Dekker Net Worth:

Thomas Dekkers complete name is Thomas Alexander Dekker and he’s a voice actor, musician, and television and film actor of American nationality. As a vocalist, he’s composed and also made two records. He played as John Connor in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He was Adam in The Secret Circle and was Zach on Heroes. He did a voice on The Land before Time as Littlefoot. Thomas Dekker was born in the state of Nevada in Vegas and his mom called Hilary is the concert pianist, vocalist, actress and acting coach. His dad was called David John Ellis Dekker and he was musician who was a set designer, actor and opera singer. His mom is a British, of Welsh ethnicity and his dad had American nationality but of Dutch and English Roots. When he was a kid, the parents like to move all over the world and he spent time in Canada and United Kingdom. Thomas Dekker began his career when he was six years of age and he played in The Young and The Restless. He appeared in the Seinfeld where he was Bobby. Thomas Dekker had a musical heritage and he began to compose the music when he was ten years old when he was still in Canada. When he was at the age of fifteen, he got the recording deal but after believing which he had not been in charge of his music as he wanted, he quit to begin to work alone. When he reached sixteen years of age, he began to compose the classical music and he was affected by electrofolk music and his debut record was called Psyanotic in 2008. In regards to his private life, he says that he was a victim of sexual molestation as a young kid but in the teen years, he became part of the metalhead subculture which was causing trouble and he was detained at least six times in Vegas. He could be a popular man in regards to the social network and he could be located at Instagram, twitter and tumblr. He likes to upload his images on Instagram and shares them with his supporters and admirers.

Birth date: December 28, 1987
Birth place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Height:5' 9" (1.75 m)
Profession: Actor, Soundtrack, Director
Source: Wikipedia

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