How rich is Theo Albrecht?


How rich is Theo Albrecht?

Theo Albrecht Net Worth:
$16.7 Billion

Theo Albrecht Net Worth:

Theodor Paul "Theo" Albrecht (28 March 1922 – 24 July 2010) was a German entrepreneur, who in 2010 was ranked by Forbes as the 31st richest person in the world, with a net worth of $16.7 billion. He owned and was the CEO of the Aldi Nord discount supermarket chain. In the US he owned the Trader Joe's specialty grocery store chain. His brother Karl Albrecht owned the Aldi Süd discount supermarket chain. The two chains originally were a single family enterprise until a friendly division of assets in 1960. Aldi Süd operates the Aldi groceries in the United States. So Aldi and Trader Joe's, while owned by the brothers, have separate and distinct ownership and operations.
Birth date: March 28, 1922, Essen, Germany
Death date: July 24, 2010, Essen, Germany
Birth place: Essen
Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Nationality: Germany
Spouse: Maria Albrecht
Children: Berthold Albrecht, Theo Albrecht, Jr.
Parents: Karl Albrecht Sr., Anna Albrecht
Siblings: Karl Albrecht

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