How rich is The Jacka?


How rich is Dominick Newton "The Jacka"?

Dominick Newton "The Jacka" Net Worth:

Dominick Newton "The Jacka" Net Worth:

Dominic Newton (August 12, 1977 – February 2, 2015), better known by his stage name The Jacka, was an American rapper from Pittsburg, California. The Jacka got his start with his group, Mob Figaz, whose first album, C-Bo's Mob Figaz, was released in 1999. Newton converted to Islam at a young age and changed his name to Shaheed Akbar. On February 2, 2015, he was fatally shot by an unidentified gunman in Oakland while rapping with friends. Prior to his death, he owned his own label entitled The Artist Records.
Birth date: August 12, 1977, Oakland, California, United States
Death date: February 2, 2015, Oakland, California, United States
Birth place: Oakland
Profession: American Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Awards: “Best Underground Artist” (2006), Ozone Award (2008)
Music groups: Mob Figaz
Nominations: Bay Area Rap Scene Awards for Best Underground Artist, Group of the Year

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