How rich is The Braxtons?


How rich is The Braxtons?

The Braxtons Net Worth:
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Towanda Braxton is a well-known American actress, vocalist, dancer, reality TV show persona and a philanthropist. She began singing in churches at a young age with her sisters Toni, Traci, Tamar, and Trina. She subsequently got interest in other facets of the entertainment industry. Towanda Braxton was wed to the writer, Andre Carter, in the year 2003. The couple has two kids – Braxton and Brooke. Towanda’s sister had affirmed that she’s still married and the last time she contacted her, she was happy with her wedded life. Nevertheless, she again included that she do not understand what is going on in her life at present. This statement of her sister again created some gossips about her private life. She clarified in a interview that she and her husband are formally separated but not yet been divorced. They may be yet to get the legal divorce. She even clarified the couple was together because of downturn and their children. Nevertheless, they eventually ended up their union after showing as they have been making the relationship work. She in another interview cleared the haze by saying that she and Kordell are only pals. She also expressed her worries about her kids saying that someone must maintain the house to look after the kids. She says that Kordell can be a terrific dad. When she’s not at home, Kordell takes care of her kids pretty well. Towanda additionally says that she and Kordell are pals for now but she does not understand what future may hold. She eventually said that she can even date her after her divorce is finalized and completed the preceding year. Kordell with Towanda were seen at many locations and were comfy with each other even after the denial of the relationship. In 2013, in February, she supported her entanglement with the retired NFL player Kordell Stewart. Yet, at the exact same time, Kordell denied his intimate engagement with Towanda. Nevertheless, becoming seen collectively certainly reveals they are seeing each other. Let’s see how much time Kordell takes to accept his engagement with her. It’d also be interesting to see for how much time Kordell handles the relationship without accepting it!

Birth date: September 18, 1973
Birth place: Severn, Maryland, USA
Source: Wikipedia

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