How rich is Sylvie Testud?


How rich is Sylvie Testud?

Sylvie Testud Net Worth:
$10 Million

Sylvie Testud Net Worth:

Sylvie Testud (born 17 January 1971) is a French actress, writer and film director. Her film career began in 1991 and she has since won two César Awards for highly acclaimed performances.
Birth date: January 17, 1971
Birth place: Lyon, France
Height:1.7 m
Profession: Actor, Writer, Film director, Screenwriter
Nationality: France
Children: Esther Testud, Ruben Testud
Siblings: Ghislaine Testud
Awards: César Award for Best Actress
Nominations: César Award for Best Supporting Actress
Movies: La Vie en rose, The Visitors: Bastille Day, Beyond Silence, Fear and Trembling, Arrête ton cinéma, Another Woman's Life, Murderous Maids, Lucky Luke, Lourdes, The Captive, The Round Up, Sagan, French Women, Sisters, Two Women, Labyrinth, Au plus près du Soleil, 24 Days, Vengeance, A Loving Father, Annaluise & Anton, My Name Is Hmmm..., Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone, Rebellion, Sole Sisters, Mumu, Tomorrow We Move, Le talent de mes amis, Je Ne Dis Pas Non, The Château, Le Bonheur de Pierre, For a Woman, Dead Man's Memories, Karnaval, Un moment de bonheur, La Chambre obscure, The Scapegoat, Those Were the Days, Eat, for This Is My Body, Les mains de Roxana, Spiderwebhouse, I'm Going Home, Words in Blue, La France, Sade, The Legacy, Everyman's Feast, Éternelles, Les Pierres Qui Tombent Du Ciel, Drug Scenes, Life kills me

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