How rich is Stuart Varney?


How rich is Stuart Varney?

Stuart Varney Net Worth:
$10 Million

Stuart Varney Net Worth:

Stuart Varney is English-American economist journalist and was born in Derby. He works for Fox Business Network and Fox News Stations. He liked to be a guest host of Your World and the Price Of Liberty company block. Later, he began to work at Radio Hong Kong like a reporter. He began with the transmission journalism when he was at KEMOTV also called KOFY TV in the San Francisco. He joined them Manhattan institution for a fresh news network called CNN which began in 1980. At the station, he was the host of Company Asia and Business Day jointly with Willow Bay and Moneyline. He began to work for Fox News Stations because of its company team in the year 2004 and he joined Fox Business Network where he was the anchorman when the station was established in the year 2007. He began to live in USA in the year 1974 in the place called New Jersey and he’s six kids with his wife. He became an American citizen in 2015. His daughter Jill Varney Meyer once won 25,000 thousand at Resort Showcase show shown at Travel Channel. Some sources have it that he’s paid a salary of over 608 thousands annually and this helped him to attain to his net worth estimated to be over 10 million dollars and this shows how successful he’s been. On-Line sites have different info about him but he’s not involved too much in the social media. Before Stuart Varney joined FNC, he was company subscriber and a replacement host of Fox News Channel program called Your World with Neil Cavuto. In 2013, he was in the controversy for the comments he made about Pope Francis. Pope had talked about the wealth disparity and he denounced the capitalism to be a system which rules rather than serving. Stuart Varney said that he goes to church to save the soul but Pope needed to sway his vote by qualifying negatively the system.

Birth date: July 7, 1949
Birth place: Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Profession: Business journalist
Education: London School of Economics and Political Science
Nationality: British, American
Spouse: Deborah Varney
TV shows: Varney & Co. (2012), Markets Now (2007-2014), Your World with Neil Cavuto, Your World, Cashin’ In, The Cost of Freedom, Business Day, Business Asia, Moneyline with Willow Bay
Source: Wikipedia

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