How rich is Steve Mcmanaman?


How rich is Steve McManaman?

Steve McManaman Net Worth:
$18 Million

Steve McManaman Net Worth:

Steven "Steve" McManaman (born 11 February 1972) is an English former footballer who played as a midfielder, winger and playmaker for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester City. McManaman is the most decorated English footballer to have played abroad, with the UEFA website stating that "of all England's footballing exports in the modern era, none was as successful as McManaman." He is a regular pundit on BT Sport football coverage.After nine years at Liverpool, during which time he won the FA Cup and League Cup, McManaman moved to Real Madrid in 1999. The transfer became one of the most controversial and high profile Bosman rulings of all time. He became the first English player to win the UEFA Champions League with a non-English club in 2000, and two years later became the first English player to win the Champions League twice. He also won La Liga twice before moving to Manchester City in 2003, and retiring from football in 2005. After his retirement he worked as a football pundit for Setanta Sports, ESPN and BT Sport. In 2008, he was ranked third in a Top 10 of the greatest British footballers to play overseas, just behind Kevin Keegan and John Charles.
Birth date: February 11, 1972
Birth place: Kirkdale, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight:150 lbs (68 kg)
Profession: Football player
Nationality: England
Spouse: Victoria Edwards (m. 2002)
Children: Lucas James McManaman, Lara McManaman, Ella McManaman
Parents: Irene McManaman

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