How rich is Stephen Belafonte?


How rich is Stephen Belafonte?

Stephen Belafonte Net Worth:
$5 Million

Stephen Belafonte Net Worth:

Stephen Belafonta relationship with his longtime wife became a continuous tabloid-discussion in December 2014. Their union became the talk of the town when former-Spice Girls star Mel seemed on the December 14 closing stint of The X Factor filled with bruises and scrapes on her arms and face, with no wedding ring. Formerly, the ex-variable judge had overlooked the December 13 live episode at the same time. Soon after the rumor mill began assaulting their union, Stephen refused all sorts of claims various times on his social networking reports. Anyway, by 2015, Mel has denied the rumors at the same time. Also, if you put down a little attempt to read recent reports of the couple, you are going to understand the couple are doing absolutely well. In a interview in August, 2015, Mel B disclosed that she’s in love with Heinz legumes pledges which Stephen specially prepares for her. And, during an interview in 2010, Mel had also disclosed that her relationship with her soulmate Stephen is amazing because both of them are pervert. If you did not understand, Stephen presents her new ring every couple of years, the new present being an upgrade to her previous ring. We believe any couple can use the excellent thought to keep their union and wedding ring unique, if you’ve got lots of cash like them. The truth is, Stephen is 11 days younger than Mel. No surprise, he was interested in playing and directing since his early days. Loyola Marymount University Grad Stephen’s troubled past life has made him a formidable guy. Before climbing to popularity, Stephan had worked at several occupations. From what we’ve heard, he’s also worked as a server and dish cleaner before. However, Mel has also dated a girl before. We think no family is perfect. But if they can be happy now, that is what it counts. Going on to his body shape, the American national of black ethnicity is a tall guy with the height of 6 feet. However, he could be a hairless guy and contains a substantial body structure and strong arms. Last but not the least, you will find many reputed websites on the internet that have covered Stephen’s violent past. According to many sources, he continues to be charged many times in the past (contain a charge for throwing missile at an automobile and a burglary and larceny charge).

Birth date: May 18, 1975
Birth place: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession: Film producer
Education: Loyola Marymount University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Mel B (m. 2007), Nancy Carmell (m. 1997–1999)
Children: Madison Brown Belafonte, Giselle Belafonte
Parents: Thomas Stansbury
Siblings: Jeremiah Stansbury
Movies: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, M.O.P.: Straight from the Projects

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