How rich is Stefan Edberg?


How rich is Stefan Bengt Edberg?

Stefan Bengt Edberg Net Worth:
$25 Million

Stefan Bengt Edberg Net Worth:

Stefan Bengt Edberg (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈsteːfan ˈeːd.ˈbɛrj]; born 19 January 1966) is a former world no. 1 professional tennis player (in both singles and doubles) from Sweden. A major proponent of the serve-and-volley style of tennis, he won six Grand Slam singles titles and three Grand Slam men's doubles titles between 1985 and 1996. He also won the Masters Grand Prix and was a part of the Swedish Davis Cup-winning-team four times. In addition he won four Masters Series titles, four Championship Series titles and the unofficial Olympic tournament 1984, was ranked in the singles top 10 for ten successive years, 9 years in the top 5, and is considered one of the greatest players of his era. Edberg began coaching Roger Federer in January 2014.
Birth date: January 19, 1966
Birth place: Västervik, Kalmar län, Sweden
Profession: Tennis player, Tennis Instructor
Nationality: Swedish
Spouse: Annette Hjort Olsen
Children: Christopher, Emilie
Parents: Barbro Edberg, Bengt Edberg
Siblings: Jan Edberg
Source: Wikipedia

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