How rich is Silvio Santos?


How rich is Senor Abravanel?

Senor Abravanel Net Worth:
$1.3 Billion

Senor Abravanel Net Worth:

Silvio Santos (real name Senor Abravanel, born on December 12, 1930, is a Brazilian TV show host and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Grupo Silvio Santos, whose holdings include SBT, the third largest television network in the country. His net worth is US$ 6.3 billion.He is also the only celebrity in the country on the list of billionaires by Forbes magazine and an article by the same magazine states that no one else is more famous than Silvio Santos in Brazil.
Birth date: December 12, 1930
Birth place: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Height:5' 11" (1.8 m)
Profession: Director, Producer
Nationality: Brazilian
Spouse: Íris Abravanel (m. 1978), Maria Aparecida Vieira Abravanel (m. 1962–1977)
Children: Patrícia Abravanel, Silvia Abravanel, Daniela Beyruti, Rebeca Abravanel, Cíntia Abravanel, Renata Abravanel
Parents: Alberto Abravanel, Rebeca Abravanel
Siblings: Henrique Abravanel, Perla Abravanel, Beatriz Abravanel, Leon Abravanel, Sara Benvinda Soares.
TV shows: Programa Silvio Santos, Topa ou Não Topa, Name That Tune
Source: Wikipedia

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