How rich is Shyne?


How rich is Shyne?

Shyne Net Worth:
$2 Million

Shyne Net Worth:

Moses Michael Levi (born Jamal Michael Barrow), better known by his stage name Shyne, is a Belizean rapper, who moved from Belize to the Brooklyn borough of New York City as a teenager to live with his mother. He is perhaps best known for his time under Bad Boy Records and a 1999 shooting incident that led to his nine year incarceration. He was released from prison in 2009 and was subsequently deported back to Belize.
Birth date: November 8, 1978
Birth place: Belize City, Belize
Profession: Record producer, Actor, Fashion designer, Music executive, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: Dean Barrow
Record labels: Def Jam Recordings, Bad Boy Records
Albums: Godfather Buried Alive, Shyne, The Truth (Real Advance Album)

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