How rich is Sheila E.?


How rich is Sheila Escovedo?

Sheila Escovedo Net Worth:
$12 Million

Sheila Escovedo Net Worth:

Escovedo is part of Mexican tradition and she’d her uncle Tito Puente as her Godfather. She was meant to do amazing with such rich history, which goes as her uncle Javier Escovedo founded ‘The zeros. Mario Escovedo (another uncle) introduced the world to long-running indie rock music. Coke Escovedo, creator of group Azteca can also be associated with her and she’s a biological niece to Nicole Richie. She could be termed as music genres queen as she’s an inventory of tunes mostly under every one of them revealing her versatility and ability. The music genres she rules contain Jazz (Latin and fusion both) graphs, Pop, funk and pop rock too. She’s mastered herself on vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion and drums. She’s been part of the musical business since she was 18 i.e. since 1976 and is still going on. She made her debut with jazz with bassist Alphonso Johnson. She worked with him in ‘Yesterday’s Dream (1976). They got together while recording The Purple Rain where she supplied vocals to Erotic city and Let Us Go Crazy in 1984. She’s not married yet, but has experienced a relationship with the tune of her life gliding her way through. Her accomplishments won her a variety of awards, including Grammy for best new artist and MTV award for best female video and best choreography at the same time. But while Prince was understood to be romantically involved with her, he was still dating Wendy Melvion, which created quite several issues obviously. Her other well-known and successful works contain Love Affair 1600 (1985), A love weird and Holly rock. Her greatest pop records were recorded in the 80’s. She also played the part of Drummer and musical director for him once. So marking her extraordinary journey and her net worth in the music business, she still lives to observe her glory being cherished by individuals.

Birth date: December 12, 1957
Birth place: California, USA
Height:1.6 m
Profession: Singer, drummer, percussionist
Education: Oakland High School
Nationality: American
Parents: Pete Escovedo, Juanita Gardere
Siblings: Peter Michael Escovedo, Zina Escovedo, Juan Escovedo
Music groups: “The New Power Generation”, “Purple Rain”, “True Colors”, “Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band”, “One Nite Alone…Live!”
Nominations: Grammy Awards, MTV Awards
Movies: “Krush Groove”, “Sign “O” the Times”, “Chasing Papi”, “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”
TV shows: “American Idol”, “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “Dancing with the Stars”
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