How rich is Shamicka Lawrence?


How rich is Shamicka Lawrence?

Shamicka Lawrence Net Worth:
$5 Million

Shamicka Lawrence Net Worth:

Shamicka Lawrence is popular as a result of her union with Martin Lawrence, an American actor, film producer, director and screenwriter. She was seen in the TV show, Hollywood ex-wifes. She began dating Martin in 1997 and they got married in 2010. The reason for the parting was said as irreconcilable differences and they picked for only guardianship of the children. They both were in a relationship for nearly 13 years before they got married. Shamicka said they were already going apart in the relationship and believed that he being her husband would raise the strength of the relationship. She failed to mention the real reason as why the relationship was neglecting. Even after the wedding, they could not get the spark back. It was said that Martin put a ring on her, not out of love, but as a responsibility to reward the devotion of his girlfriend to remain with him for over a decade. When Martin came to understand about her appearance in Hollywood ex-wifes to talk to people about his married conduct to her, he freaked out and made lots of dirty moves to get her out of the show. But, Shamicka said he was supportive of her and wanted her chance when she told her choice. She said that Martin understood that the show isn’t around talking about their failed relationship. As she refused to supply the real reason behind the break, there were lots of gossips being born out of nowhere. This gossip was started by Michael Greene, Martin’s personal manager. She walked into the house one day and told Shamicka that she had not been happy in this relationship. Martin said when she’s not happy to live in a 23 million dollar house and all the facilities he show her, she’s free to leave. Many sources labeled Shamicka as a gold digger. She understood the relationship isn’t going to survive and moving from her boyfriend wouldn’t give her any monetary gains. She didn’t care to comment on these rumors and views. She said that she took every measure to make the relationship, work. There are not any details about the way in which the resolution was legalized. The alimony, spousal support and other resolution details aren’t understood. She isn’t understood to be dating anyone as of now. She said that she isn’t prepared to jump into another relationship and she’d just come from a lengthy bond with a man she adored.

Birth date: 1952-08-30
Birth place: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nationality: American
Source: Wikipedia

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