How rich is Schock G?


How rich is Shock G?

Shock G Net Worth:
$3 Million

Shock G Net Worth:

Gregory Jacobs, commonly known by his stage name Shock G (as well as by his alter ego Humpty Hump) is an American musician and rapper, known as the lead vocalist for the hip hop group Digital Underground. He is an accomplished pianist, visual artist, and music producer, responsible for Digital Underground's "The Humpty Dance", 2Pac's breakthrough single "I Get Around", and co-producer of 2Pac's debut album 2Pacalypse Now.
Birth date: August 25, 1963
Birth place: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Profession: Rapper, Musician, Actor, Cartoonist, Visual Artist, Pianist, Music Producer
Nationality: United States of America
Music groups: Digital Underground
Movies: Digital Underground

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