How rich is Ruth Westheimer?


How rich is Ruth Westheimer?

Ruth Westheimer Net Worth:
$10 Million

Ruth Westheimer Net Worth:

Ruth Westheimer (born June 4, 1928) is an American sex therapist, media personality, and author best known as Dr. Ruth. The New York Times described her as a "Sorbonne-trained psychologist who became a kind of cultural icon in the 1980s.… She ushered in the new age of freer, franker talk about sex on radio and television—and was endlessly parodied for her limitless enthusiasm and for having an accent only a psychologist could have."
Birth date: June 4, 1928
Birth place: Karlstadt am Main, Germany
Height:1.40 m
Profession: Writer
Education: Teachers College, Columbia University, Columbia University
Nationality: Germany
Spouse: Manfred "Fred" Westheimer (m. 1961–1997)
Children: Joel Westheimer, Miriam Westheimer
Parents: Julius Siegel, Irma Siegel
Movies: Une Femme ou Deux, Forever, Lulu, Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel, History of Talk Radio, Cooking with B. Smith and Friends: Main Dishes
TV shows: Between the Lions, Ask Dr. Ruth

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