How rich is Robert Rubin?


How rich is Robert Rubin?

Robert Rubin Net Worth:
$100 Million

Robert Rubin Net Worth:

Robert Edward Rubin (born August 29, 1938) is an American economist and banking executive. He served as the 70th United States Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton administration. Before his government service, he spent 26 years at Goldman Sachs, eventually serving as a member of the board and co-chairman from 1990 to 1992; Rubin oversaw the loosening of financial industry underwriting guidelines which had been intact since the 1930s. His most prominent post-government role was as director and senior counselor of Citigroup, where he performed ongoing advisory and representational roles for the firm. From November to December 2007, he served temporarily as chairman of Citigroup and resigned from the company on January 9, 2009. He received more than $126 million in cash and stock during his tenure at Citigroup, up through and including Citigroup's bailout by the U.S. Treasury.He is currently engaged actively as a founder of The Hamilton Project, an economic policy think tank which produces research and proposals on how to create a growing economy that benefits more Americans. He is co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and sits on the board of the Harvard Corporation, Harvard University's executive board. Rubin is chairman of the board of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the nation's leading community development support organization, and he serves on the board of trustees of Mount Sinai-NYU Health. He also serves as counselor at Centerview Partners, an investment banking advisory firm based in New York City.
Birth date: August 29, 1938
Birth place: New York City, New York, United States
Height:6' (1.83 m)
Profession: Former United States Secretary of the Treasury
Education: Yale Law School (1964), Harvard College (1960)
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Judith Oxenberg
Books: In an Uncertain World

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