How rich is Robert Friedland?


How rich is Robert Friedland?

Robert Friedland Net Worth:
$1.8 Billion

Robert Friedland Net Worth:

Robert Martin Friedland (August 18, 1950) is an international financier and major player in the junior mining industry. Since the early 1980s, he has specialized in securing funding for the exploration and development of mineral and energy resources and advanced technology ventures. He is the founder and Chairman of his private, family-owned firm, Ivanhoe Capital Corporation, which is active in global capital markets and has an established focus on emerging markets. Friedland is the founder of Ivanhoe Mines — a Canadian public company listed on the New York, NASDAQ and Toronto exchanges.
Birth date: 1950-08-18
Profession: Financier, Entrepreneur
Education: Reed College, Bowdoin College
Nationality: United States
Spouse: Darlene M. Friedland
Children: three
Parents: Albert Friedland, Ilona Muller Friedland
Source: Wikipedia

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