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How rich is Patrick Mercer?

Patrick Mercer Net Worth:
$10 Million

Patrick Mercer Net Worth:

Colonel Patrick John Mercer, OBE (born 26 June 1956) is an author and former British politician. He was Conservative shadow homeland security spokesman before being forced to resign by David Cameron in 2007 for making "unacceptable" racist remarks in an interview with The Times. He was elected as a Conservative in the 2001 general election, until resigning the party's parliamentary whip in May 2013 following questions surrounding paid advocacy, and was an Independent MP representing the constituency of Newark in Parliament until his resignation at the end of April 2014 after the Standards Committee suspended him for six months for "sustained and pervasive breach of the house's rules".He is a frequent commentator on defence and security issues having served as infantry officer in the British Army and held the position of Shadow Minister for Homeland Security. He is a former journalist for the BBC and has to date written four military novels. He is a patron of the Victoria Cross Trust.
Birth date: 1969-10-17
Birth place: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Profession: Writer
Education: Cranfield University
Spouse: Cait Mercer
Source: Wikipedia