How rich is Reza Deghati?


Reza Deghati Net Worth – Unknown

Reza Deghati is an Iranian-French photojournalist of Azerbaijani source, who works under the name Reza. 62 years old Reza continues to be given numerous time because of his work efficiency but still his net worth hasn’t mentioned in just about any educational website till the date.

Talking about his vocation and profession till the exact date, Reza has covered a lot of the world for National Geographic Magazine. Several movies about Reza’s work happen to be made by National Geographic Television, most notably Frontline Diaries,which won an Emmy Award in 2002. In 2003, Reza served as Creative Director for National Geographic’s most seen documentary, Inside Mecca. He spends much of his time as lecturer, trainer, and visiting professor, giving demonstrations and running workshops on international problems. His humanitarian work and photojournalism happen to be recognized by international associations and universities, including George Washington University, Stanford University, Beijing University as well as the Sorbonne in Paris.

During the past three decades, a lot of Reza’s photos happen to be on the covers of National Geographic Magazine, with many more featured in leading international publications. He’s in addition the author of seventeen novels, including War Peace, the first in a show entitled Masters of Photography by National Geographic, and most recently, Sindhbad, Reza’s version of the seven journeys of the mysterious character in the classic story, A Thousand and One Nights. Youth Assurance is the narrative of discovery, narrated by three individuals, about a guarantee created by Reza to his son, Delazad.

In 1996, Reza won the Expectation Prize because of his contribution into a combined endeavor with UNICEF in Rwanda entitled Lost Children’s Portraits. He also received an award recognizing his humanitarian work in the University of Chicago.