How rich is Rehab Addict?


How rich is Rehab Addict?

Rehab Addict Net Worth:
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At 5 feet 3 inch tall and 56 kgs she’s regarded as amazing. While growing up her family possessed a garbage collection business. Besides being the host in many of her school programs, Nicole was a part of Girls Hockey team although she was unable to compete competitively. Nicole finished her schooling and graduated in the year 1994 in Florida. While still in school Nicole had a son named Ethan who’s now 16 years old. She hasn’t altered profession or shows since she began hosting the Rehab Addict. Nicole has put a lot attempt to her show that she’s altered the face of house salvage from only a show to affluent house development. Many world war houses that have been marked for demolition because of the dilapidated state happen to be renovated to their previous glory. She’s had the opportunity to alter the real estate perspectives among the Americans who were running from old constructions which now are top notch in the market. Her work is well established among distinct locations like Minnesota, Minneapolis, Ohsio, Akron Detroit and Michigan regions in Usa. For her private life Nicole is a proud mom of teenaged son who she got while on school. Curtis is a devoted woman who spent most of her time focused on raising her son and developing her career in television. Despite really being a lovely woman Nicole relationships will not be understood and even her high school boyfriend name isn’t known to people. Although she’s worked hard in her career she’s a joyful career and family life with her son. With height of 5 feet 3 inches and nicely curved body, Nicole has attractiveness of a model. Her stature, weight and face make her seem younger than her real age. She will not have any tattoos or body piercing and although you will find many naked photographs of her on-line it’s considered to not be real images. Nicole is considered magnetic, passionate and dedicated individual who believed in her vision of rehabilitating homes. Nicole nurtured her profession for several years and her determination has found her collect income and now she’s worth $5 million dollars. She uses social media to upgrade her big fan base, share pictures and participate together. She’s among the likeable television personalities in United States who’ve nurtured their livelihood.

Birth date: 1976-08-20
Profession: Producer
Source: Wikipedia

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