How rich is Rebecca Loos?


How rich is Rebecca Loos?

Rebecca Loos Net Worth:
$3 Million

Rebecca Loos Net Worth:

Rebecca Loos (born Rebecca Loos Bartholdi; 19 June 1977) is a Spanish-born Anglo-Dutch model and media personality, who came to media attention following claims that she conducted an affair with the married footballer David Beckham — while employed as his personal assistant. These allegations made her into a media personality, and she has since appeared on several reality television series, magazine covers and in other media.
Birth date: June 19, 1977
Birth place: Madrid, Spain
Profession: Presenter, Model
Nationality: Netherlands
Spouse: Sven Christjar Skaiaa
Children: Magnus Leon Loos Skaiaa, Leo Loos Skaiaa
Parents: Leonard Loos Bartholdi, Elizabeth Loos
TV shows: The Farm

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