How rich is Rachel Hunter?


How rich is Rachel Hunter?

Rachel Hunter Net Worth:
$60 Million

Rachel Hunter Net Worth:

She’s experienced a people’s eye for nearly 30 years now, so she’s well accustomed to public interest. And people actually loved to see her, because she’s lovely, pleasant and gifted. She first began as a model wife of Rod Steward, but she out grow this part rather quickly. She was a gifted child and loved to dance and act but her dancing strategies were smashed when she learned that she’s a blood disease that disables her from intensive physical actions. After she lost the chance to be a professional dancer, she turned to modeling. This started her into the limelight and she did numerous efforts in Australia and native New Zealand. Ford Models scouts found her afterward and signed her for Ford and this was the start of an extremely successful career. In no time she became Cover Girl model and representative for his or her make-up. In 1989 she did very successful Sports Illustrated shooting-it’s already well known that Sports Illustrated models consistently got lots of focus, right?! In 2004 Rachel determined to play it more daring and posed nude for Playboy cover. After about a decade of successful modeling and these well-known covers, Rachel was prepared for some film livelihood. She first appeared on television in 1997, in a episode of The Drew Carey Show. Besides her film roles, she’s also a successful TV host. Only in 2013, she began her own TV endeavor called “Rachel Hunter’s tour of attractiveness” which is finding distinct notions about attractiveness in nations all over the world. By the end of 1980s Hunter had a relationship and dwelt with Kip Winger, rock musician. She had two kids with him, Liam and Renee. They split in 1999 and finished divorce in 2006. Soon after finishing the divorce, Rachel began a relationship with hockey player Jarret Stoll, 13 years younger then her. They got participated and made plans to wed in summer time of 2009, but the strategies for marriage were canceled only few weeks before the wedding. Next jolt, she committed herself to work and children, but says that she’s prepared for new relationship now that children have became independent and began their own lives.

Birth date: September 8, 1969
Birth place: Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
Profession: Model
Partner: Jarret Stoll
Spouse: Rod Stewart (1990-2006)
Children: Renee Stewart, Liam Stewart
Parents: Wayne Hunter, Janeen Hunter
Movies: “Just a Little Harmless Sex” (1998), “Two Shades of Blue” (1999), “A Walk In The Park” (1999), “Boy`s Club” (2001), “Rock Star” (2001), “Her Infidelity” (2015)
TV shows: "Rachel's Tour of Beauty" (2015-2016), “New Zealand's Got Talent” (2012-2013), “She's Got the Look” (2008-2010), “Gravity” (2010)
Source: Wikipedia

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