How rich is Poppy Harlow?


How rich is Poppy Harlow?

Poppy Harlow Net Worth:
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Poppy Harlow, initially named Katherine Julia Harlow is a Minnesota native born in the year 1982. She grew up in Minneapolis settled in Minnesota. She was Phi Beta Kappa and received a Bachelors degree in political science in the University in 2005. She also served as assistant producer for the show Newspath at CBS. She later moved to NY1 News where she took care of the Local Variation. In the year 2007, she began working for the Video Network of She began her career at CNN in the year 2008. She worked at various outlets of CNN including CNN 1, HLN, and She’s done interviews with some of the international bank majors like Jay Z, Warren Buffett, and other significant business houses. She covered the business news at Staten Island and New Jersey, while at NY1 and additionally reported on the amusement and local political news events. She was accused of sympathizing with the rapists instead of the sufferer, but Harlow after clarified her stand. Harlow has won several industry awards for her company coverage. Her awards include the Best in Business award by SABEW for her on-line video and the Gracie Award to find the best fact-finding attribute online associated with fiscal fraud. Harlow can also be a public speaker at various industry events. She also dedicates her time to teach and inspire young school and college students who aim at becoming journalists.

Birth date: 1982-05-02
Spouse: Sinisa Babcic
Source: Wikipedia

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