How rich is Pleasant Rowland?


How rich is Pleasant Rowland?

Pleasant Rowland Net Worth:
$300 Million

Pleasant Rowland Net Worth:

Pleasant Rowland (born Pleasant Williams Thiele circa 1941) is an American educator, reporter, writer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Rowland is best known for creating the American Girl brand. She is also notable for her efforts to redevelop historic properties in Aurora, New York, where she created a partnership with her alma mater Wells College.She has been married to Jerome Frautschi since 1977. He runs the family-owned Webcrafters book publishing company.
Birth date: 1941, Cook County, Illinois, United States
Birth place: Cook County
Profession: Entrepreneur, Writer, Businessperson
Education: Wells College
Nationality: United States of America
Books: Our New Baby, The Dictopedia

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