How rich is Paul Tudor Jones?


How rich is Paul Tudor Jones?

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth:
$4.6 Billion

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth:

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth $4.6 Billion

Paul Tudor Jones II is the creator of Tudor Investment Corporation, an exclusive asset management company and hedge fund. As of March 2014, he was estimated to possess a net worth of USD 4.6 billion by Forbes Magazine and ranked as the 108th most affluent American and 345th most affluent in the world. He’s been part of Robin Hood Foundation. Jones was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Jones subsequently went to University of Virginia, earning an undergraduate degree in economics in 1976 along with a welterweight boxing tournament.

Jones is the creator of the Robin Hood Foundation, a philanthropic organization largely backed by hedge fund operators. He founded and was the Chairman of the Board of the Excellence Charter School, the nation’s first all-boys charter school, situated in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, Ny. He founded and chaired the Bedford Stuyvesant I Have A Dream Foundation, which sets local pupils in schools. He possesses Grumeti Reserves in Tanzania’s Western Serengeti and was recently lauded by the African Great Lakes state’s Parliament for not allowing hunting in his reservation. The main resort there, Sasaskwa, was named the #1 resort on earth by Travel & Leisure Magazine in 2011 and 2012. In April 2012, UVA declared the development of a fresh Contemplative Sciences Center through a $12 million gift from Jones and his wife, Sonia. The movie reveals Jones as a young man calling the 1987 crash, using techniques much like marketplace forecaster Robert Prechter. Based on Michael Glyn, the video’s director, Jones requested in the 1990s the documentary be removed from circulation.

Birth date: September 28, 1954
Birth place: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Profession: Trader, Investor
Education: University of Virginia, Presbyterian Day School
Nationality: American
Spouse: Sonia Klein (m. 1988)
Children: Jack Jones, Chrissy Jones, Caroline Jones, Dorothy Jones
Parents: John Paul Jones
Siblings: : Michelle Bennett
Source: Wikipedia

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