How rich is Paul Tagliabue?


How rich is Paul John Tagliabue?

Paul John Tagliabue Net Worth:
$20 Million

Paul John Tagliabue Net Worth:

Paul John Tagliabue (born November 24, 1940) is a former Commissioner of the National Football League. He took the position in 1989 and was succeeded by Roger Goodell, who was elected to the position on August 8, 2006. Tagliabue's retirement took effect on September 1, 2006. He had previously served as a lawyer for the NFL. Tagliabue is currently the chair of Georgetown University's board of directors.
Birth date: November 24, 1940
Birth place: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Profession: Lawyer
Education: Georgetown University
Children: Emily Tagliabue, Drew Tagliabue
Parents: May Tagliabue, Charles Tagliabue
Source: Wikipedia

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