How rich is Patrick Duffy?


How rich is James Patrick Duffy?

James Patrick Duffy Net Worth:
$14 Million

James Patrick Duffy Net Worth:

Patrick Duffy is well-known American actor, who was born on March 17, 1949 in Townsend, Montana. He’s famous for his part in CBS primetime soap opera Dallas, where he can be viewed as Bobby Ewing. He created several examples and encounters throughout his life. Some of the important events, facts and remarkable things are presented as follows. He could be a man, who procured the number one position out of 100 grads in the University of Washington. He’s got great curiosity about golf and loves to play. He usually wears a medical alert bracelet, particularly on his right wrist for receiving focus and presenting his ability of deadly penicillin allergy. Last Name Duffy means black in Irish, which maybe reveals the black hair of him. He plays piano nicely. Barry’s mom, sister is his wife. He was once a cheerleader at his high school. He got to pull and got the interest of the people for his gathering in Dallas as Bobby James Ewing in 1978. He said in his interview he had not been so joyful in the closing episode of Dallas as it went away, the exact structure that got to reveal or defined for the display. He’d a part of same character of Bobby Ewing in four distinct series, Knots Landing(1979), Dallas(1978), Dallas(2012) and Family guy(1999). He could be the best friend of Larry Hagman and colose buddy with Barbara Bel Geddes. He’s been living on Engle Point, Oregon for a long time. His age is 65. Patrick, body type is typical. Faith is Buddhist and ethnicity is White. His nationality is American. He graduated in the Cascade High School, Everett WA in 1967 and obtained higher education and procured degree in 1971 from the University of Washington Seattle, WA. Distinctive features are constantly plays the good guy, Quite buff physique, thick resonate voice and Curled hair. He got married with Carlyn Rosser in 15, 1974, she’s ten year old than him. They saw each other for the very first time, while travelling in the bus. They will have two sons. Dad and son fantasy comes true when they both came out in the closing episode of Dallas. He could be very hardworking and fair person specific to his occupation. He’s earned high degree of success in his life time. His devotee can catch him at twitter and Facebook. Or, they are able to follow him at his private sites, and His life story are available at wiki and, but for trustworthy advice constantly see

Birth date: March 17, 1949
Birth place: Townsend, Montana, United States
Height:1.87 m
Profession: Actor
Education: University of Washington
Nationality: American
Spouse: Carlyn Rosser
Children: Padraic Terrence Duffy, Conor Duffy
Parents: Terence Duffy, Marie Duffy
Awards: TV Land Pop Culture Award
Movies: Dallas: J.R. Returns, You Again, Desolation Canyon, Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door, Love Takes Wing, Working Miracles, Dallas: War of the Ewings, Daddy, Cry for the Strangers, He's Such a Girl, Too Good to Be True, Children of the Bride, Murder C.O.D., 14 Going on 30, Perfect Game, Hotel Dallas, Rusty: A Dog's Tale, Alice in Wonderland, Don't Look Behind You, Step by Step: TV Favorites, The Pirates of Central Park, Vamping, Unholy Matrimony, The Last of Mrs. Lincoln, The Stranger Who Looks Like Me, Strong Medicine, Heart Of Fire
TV shows: Bingo America, Step by Step, Dallas, Man from Atlantis, Round the corner
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