How rich is Osbournes?


Osbournes Net Worth $450 Million

Wed in Hawaii in 1982, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are becoming extremely successful world-wide stars, owing for their professions in music as well as for their contentious behavior in the media. Actually, his group was managed by Sharon’s dad and that is the way the two met. She handled his solo career with relatively amazing achievement. Sharon is usually viewed as ‘only’ Ozzy’s wife but, in truth, she is an extremely acclaimed music supervisor and businesswoman. That was when the couple selected to open their house to camera teams for their MTV show, The Osbournes, which likewise featured all but among the couple’s kids. The whole Osbourne family immediately became world-famous for being such an outlandish and dysfunctional — yet apparently joyful — family. When the show finished in 2005, both Ozzy and Sharon tried to continue their careers as TV personalities. Nevertheless, it appears that just Sharon has enjoyed success in the limelight since then, as Ozzy now makes quite few TV appearances. Sharon, on the flip side, is a frequent judge on a number of great Britain ‘s as well as the US’ most popular talent shows, like The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Life hasn’t been plain sailing for either Sharon or Ozzy, particularly in regards to well-being. In 2003, Ozzy was treated for lifethreatening injuries after he crashed a quad bike at his house, which Sharon has called among the very difficult times in their own own lives. Unfortunately, Sharon faced a struggle with colon cancer in 2002 but, happily, she recuperated.

Just how much is $450 million actually? To put it differently, she screwed up quarter of a million pounds on a luxury kennel. The surgeon’s Great Danes can anticipate appreciating a plasma TV, automated food and water dispensers, underfloor heating system and an outside play area. Well, they do say ‘it is a dog’s life’…Obviously, if Ozzy ever needs to go back to his party lifestyle, he could well purchase a luxurious yacht to get a cool $50 million. In the year 2012, a recently built yacht named ‘Lady Linda’ was set on sale with this particular hefty price tag but, it must be said, you do get your money’s worth. Lady Linda comes complete using a helipad, a gorgeously decorated lounge area and a built in saloon-style pub.