How rich is Norman Chad?


How rich is Norman Chad?

Norman Chad Net Worth:
$800 Thousand

Norman Chad Net Worth:

Norman A. Chad (born August 17, 1958) is an American sportswriter and syndicated columnist who is seen on the sports channel ESPN. He also was an occasional guest host on the ESPN show Pardon the Interruption and has appeared as both host and movie critic on the ESPN Classic series Reel Classics.He writes a weekly sports-based column called Couch Slouch. Each column closes with the feature "Ask the Slouch"; if a reader's question is selected, the reader wins $1.25 in cash. "Pay the man, Shirley," is frequently cited as a response to readers who have fulfilled the comedy quotient for their particular question.His biggest shtick in both sportswriting and poker commentary is his frequent references to his 'failed marriages'. In his weekly syndicated column on July 29, 2007, Chad announced that he has married for a third time and has started a new 'perilous life'. He is also noted for his strong dislike of what he terms "showboating in poker", especially by people such as Phil Hellmuth, Josh Arieh, Mike Matusow, and many others. He regularly made numerous (presumably unpaid) references to his preference for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. His poker commentary often includes terms such as "squadoosh" (zero/nothing, e.g., a weak hand) and "whamboozled" (to be knocked out of a tournament). He also utters various humorous phrases whenever he mentions a player's alma mater. The phrase is almost always, "I believe they are the..." finished with an ACC mascot other than the Terrapins.Since 2003, Chad has appeared on most of ESPN's poker broadcasts, including the World Series of Poker and The United States Poker Championship, among other events. Since becoming ESPN's poker analyst Chad has also participated in 22 World Series of Poker events himself. In both 2009 and 2011 he finished in the money of the $1,500 Stud 8 or better event. At the 2012 World Series of Poker, Chad made the final table of the $2,500 1/2 Omaha 8 1/2 Stud 8 event where he finished in sixth place for $36,093.For 11 years, Chad made NFL predictions against the spread in his syndicated column; Chad now claims that he picked the winners merely by flipping a coin, and most years ended up with a winning record.In addition to his work on ESPN and on his Couch Slouch column, Chad wrote a book, published in 1993 by the Atlantic Monthly Press, called Hold On, Honey, I'll Take You to the Hospital at Halftime (Confessions of a TV Sports Junkie). The book is a compilation of Chad's thoughts on ESPN as a sports network, as well as criticism of different sports programs, including Monday Night Football.Chad has written episodes of Arliss and CoachChad is of Cuban descent on his mother's side. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to attending the University of Maryland, he attended Northwood High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, graduating in 1976.
Birth date: August 17, 1958
Birth place: Washington, D.C., United States
Profession: Announcer
Education: University of Maryland, College Park, Northwood High School
Nationality: United States of America
TV shows: Pardon the Interruption, US Poker Championship, World Series of Poker
Source: Wikipedia

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