How rich is Neil Flynn?


How rich is Neil Flynn?

Neil Flynn Net Worth:
$5 Million

Neil Flynn Net Worth:

Neil Flynn Net Worth $5 Million

Neil Flynn is an incredibly gifted American performer in addition to a comic. The celebrity collected an enormous acknowledgement by impersonating the character of Janitor in the medical drama show of NBC network, Scrubs (2001-current). The incredible performer is seen in the ABC situation comedy The Middle. He’s Roman Catholic in faith. According to his instruction, Neil Flynn attended Waukegan East High School.

Turning the pages of his career journey, Neil Flynn worked at theatres throughout the beginning days. He first appeared on the television through the show Brookside. Coming to the date, he’s appeared in a number of films along with television series. Neil Flynn has given a great deal to the amusement world in his career till now and is looking forward to give more. He’s earned both celebrity and riches. His net worth was estimated to be $5 million, in the beginning of 2014. He’s an extremely hardworking guy who has educated the individuals of the planet that hard work is the sole key to success. Additional details regarding this fine guy could be read at differnet wiki websites online.

Birth date: November 13, 1960
Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Height:1.96 m
Profession: Actor, comedian
Education: Waukegan East High School, Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois
Nationality: American
Awards: Joseph Jefferson Award (1986), National Board of Review Award for Best Cast
Nominations: Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Movies: "Scrubs" (2001-2010), "Rookie of the Year", "The Fugitive", "Baby's Day Out", "Chain Reaction", "Home Alone", “Smallville”, “King of the Hill”
TV shows: "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" (1986), "Brookside", "Major League" (1989), "Early Edition", "Seinfeld", "Ellen", "That 70s Show", "Chicago Hope", “Bob's Burgers”

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