How rich is Natascha McElhone?


How rich is Natasha Abigail Taylor?

Natasha Abigail Taylor Net Worth:
$5 Million

Natasha Abigail Taylor Net Worth:

Her mother was of Irish ethnicity and their parents parted away only when she was two years old. Another part of her life she spent with her mom in Brighton. Her mom got married into a well-known columnist Roy Greenslade. Natascha chosen for her moms Maiden name McElhone as her performance name. She was a youngster of arty abilities in the very start. She did her schooling from a boarding school in Brighton. Next, enhancing her Sensational abilities she did her graduation in the year 1993 from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic arts. Her career in acting started with theater and she appeared in considerable of stage shows. Her first part on screen was a character of her name for BBCs Bergerac in the year 1991 and later she was also casted in a episode of Absolutely Renowned in the year 1992. While working in television meanwhile she got a break in films in the year 1996 with a modest part in Surviving Picasso. In the year 1998 she gave her livelihood among the most applauded performances in the feature film The Truman Show. As a result of her pensive behaving she was successful in bagging parts opposite famed man leads like Brad Pitt, Robert de Niro and George Clooney in the films The Devils Own, Ronin and Solaris. McElhone in addition has brought her mesmerizing voice into a video game named Castlevania: Lord of Shadow. She’s the present face of Neutrogena because of its Ageless Essentials line. Her latest gig with television is the Showtime show Californication in the character of Karen. Her love for tats is fairly clear and on the show she’s seen using an elegant wrist tat that has been adored by the crowds and many have reproduced it also. She was dating quite several men until in the year 1998 she got married to some plastic surgeon Dr. Martin Hirigoyen Kelly. She and her kids had been in tremendous despair as a result of this event and wrote letters to Kelly after his departure. Her despair could be nicely seen in her eyes in a interview which she gave one year after the passing of her husband. She released a novel named After You: Letters of Love, into a Husband and dad in July 2010 which included the first letters written by her and her kids.

Birth date: December 14, 1969
Birth place: Surrey, England, UK
Height:5' 8" (1.73 m)
Profession: Actress
Education: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Nationality: English
Spouse: Martin Hirigoyen Kelly (m. 1998–2008)
Children: Theodore Kelly, Otis Kelly, Rex Kelly
Parents: Noreen Taylor, Mike Taylor
Siblings: Damon Taylor, Nicholas Taylor, Alexander Taylor
Source: Wikipedia

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