How rich is Naseem Hamed?


How rich is Naseem Hamed?

Naseem Hamed Net Worth:
$33 Million

Naseem Hamed Net Worth:

Naseem Hamed (Arabic: نسيم حميد, Nasīm Ḥamīd; also known as Prince Naseem; born 12 February 1974) is a British former professional boxer from Sheffield, England.He is the former WBO, WBC, IBF, and Lineal featherweight champion, and European bantamweight champion. He also knocked out Wilfredo Vázquez who had just been stripped of the WBA title prior to their fight. Hamed is rated by BoxRec as the fifth pound-for-pound best British boxer of all time.Hamed was known for his boxing antics and spectacular ring entrances that have included entering the ring via a Chevrolet Impala, a flying carpet, a lift, and a palanquin; re-enacting the video of Michael Jackson's Thriller; and wearing a Halloween mask. He was also known for his front somersault over the top rope into the ring.Since leaving the sport and being inactive for the best part of 10 years Prince has recently founded a sports management company with Clive Richardson, Questra Talent. Prince Naseem Hamed will now look to grow the next generation of talented sportsman and women, not just in boxing but also football, rugby, athletics and cricket.
Birth date: February 12, 1974
Birth place: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Height:1.64 m
Weight:58 kg
Profession: Professional Boxer, Actor, Film producer
Nationality: British
Spouse: Eleasha Hamed (m. 1998)
Parents: Sal Hamed
Siblings: Nabeel Hamed, Riath Hamed, Murad Hamed
Source: Wikipedia

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