How rich is Mimi Faust?


How rich is Mimi Faust?

Mimi Faust Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Mimi Faust Net Worth:

Initially showing up as the long lasting love of maker Stevie J she’s following to gone ahead to become well-known, most eminently for her 2014 sex tape with then beau Nikko Smith. In 2015, Faust surrendered the sex tape was truth be told arranged/organized and not spilled as she ahead declared. She’s also the proprietor of the Keep It Clean, Inc. cleaning management which a company/house cleaning management in Atlanta. In a sit down unusual with Egypt Sherrod in 2014, Faust talked about being relinquished by her mother for the intention behind the congregation. She expressed of the congregation “They put me outside at 13. Faust failed to meet her all-natural dad until she was sixteen years old. Truth be told, her opening to the world was the result of an endeavor; Faust grew up trusting that another guy was her intro to the world dad. She’d go ahead to choose her natural father’s last name in the aftermath of adding to an organization with him. Her father after kicked the bucket in 2014. She is the proprietor of Keep It Clean, Inc, a bequest and company cleaning advantage and is as of now dealing with joining an interior settings model to her managements. Mimi is also conceptualizing a kids’ layout line roused by her girl, Eva. Mimi’s Café is an eatery network in America worked by Bob Evans Restaurants. Every week, several urban society websites claim to summarize the stormy triangle between Stevie J, a vocalist he is been laying down with named Joseline, and the mom of his young child, Mimi Faust. As the show has created, Faust has seemed to be the grownup in the party, and she is pulled in a tremendous after who describe her as a solid woman with understanding entrepreneurial aptitudes. As Olaiya contemplated joining the Sea Org, she left her life in Atlanta. In accordance with the Mimis bio, Mimi’s two more veteran family, a sib and sister, stayed behind. Mimi ended up being brought alongside her mom to Scientology’s managerial home office in La. Mimi has dependably shown the internal flash of a business person – possessing a domain name and company cleaning management. No more has a couple, Season 4 found Mimi expecting to wind up a distributed originator and thrills director. She was an understudy at the Mace Kingsley school in Silver Lake (named because of its originators, two Scientologists; now the area is in Clearwater, Florida, and is an after school area for kids to get Scientology reviewing) said by wiki source. For whatever remains of the school year, Mimi says, she needed to scramble to find a place to stay nightly.

Birth date: October 15, 1976
Birth place: Newport News, Virginia, United States
Height:1.73 m
Profession: TV Personality
Spouse: Joe Buck
Children: Eva Giselle Jordan
Parents: Olaiya Odufunke
Movies: Alice in Wasteland, Any Given Sunday, Throttle
TV shows: Love & Hip Hop
Source: Wikipedia

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