How rich is Michelle Hurd?


How rich is Michelle Hurd Riddick?

Michelle Hurd Riddick Net Worth:
$3 Million

Michelle Hurd Riddick Net Worth:

Michelle Hurd was born in 1966, December 21 in Nyc, USA. Her dad is a fairly well-known celebrity Hugh L. Hurd. Michelle attended Saint Ann’s School and after concluding she registered at Boston University. She also was a part of Alvin Ailey School that will be a contemporary dance company which is found in the New York City. After graduating Boston University she was recognized in London’s National Theater and was really thankful for a chance to be part of this magnificent path for artwork. Before beginning her career in films and TV shows Michelle had a career in the theatre where she played parts in various Shakespearean plays and others. Her first appearance in film was in 1989 when she got a small part as a pupil Aaron Russo’s Rude Awakening. The character was that of a cameo but it was still a beginning for Hurd. Michelle didn’t have a large part but it was still her biggest thing done in the film at the time. After she’d parts in various films including Double Parked, Play It by Ear and Too Late to Say Good-Bye. In 2012, she again was in a more prominent part in Robert Pulcini’s Girl Most Likely, a humor where Michelle had a part of Libby. After this she appeared in a number of television films with various characters and most recently was a part of a cast of Peer Pedersen’s We Do Not Fit Here, a play that’s about to release. She’s additionally credit with Search Engine, though there’s little info regarding this film, it’s understood it is in post production stage. Michelle Hurd’s television career started in 1991 when she got a part as Dana Kramer in NBC’s soap opera Another World. The show shares the exact same universe as another Netflix success Daredevil. Michelle Hurd is married to an actor Garret Dillahunt who’s well-known for his work in television in addition to pictures. The husband and wife don’t have any kids together and will not be intending to have any. The celebrity joined Twitter in summer time of 2013 and has more than 3 thousand followers on the social media platform. Michelle Hurd had a long and rich career but she isn’t a high-quality performer, not yet anyways. Nevertheless, recent appearances in films and television indicate that she still got something to show.

Birth date: 1966-12-21
Birth place: New York City, New York, U.S.
Profession: Actress
Spouse: Garret Dillahunt
Source: Wikipedia

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