How rich is Michael Beasley?


How rich is Michael Paul Beasley Jr.?

Michael Paul Beasley Jr. Net Worth:
$10 Million

Michael Paul Beasley Jr. Net Worth:

Michael Beasley Net Worth $10 Million

Michael Beasley has began his professional career from 26 June, 2008, when he was chosen by Miami Heat in the 2008 NBA draft. He signed with Miami Heat ON 2 July 2008. His NBA summer match introduction was rather fascinating as he scored 28 points and got 9 rebounds, got 2 assists and has played 23 matches. He got really excellent introduction match in his career for NBA. In his gaming career he’s played 409 games and began 199 as playing 5. Michael Beasley used to play 24.9 minutes/game. He scores 13.2 points in every match in an average. He gets 4.9 rebounds in each matches in an average. The aforementioned information is of Regular season.
In his Playoffs career he’s played 16 games and has started 5 games as playing 5. He used to play 21 minutes/game. He scores 9.3 points in every match in an average. Michael Beasley gets 5.3 rebounds in each matches in an average of Playoffs.

Michael Beasley has played for three NBA teams in his career till date. He’s well-known all around the world as he demonstrated the folks who understands about basketball and became the player of a huge celebrity.

Birth date: January 9, 1989
Birth place: Prince Georges County, Maryland, USA
Profession: Basketball player
Education: Oak Hill Academy, Notre Dame Preparatory School, Kansas State University
Nationality: American / Puerto Rican
Parents: Michael Beasley Sr., Fatima Smith
Siblings: Mychaela Beasley, Malik Smith, Tiffany Couch, Leroy Ellison Beasley
Source: Wikipedia

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